Club Documents

Use the club documents page to upload all club-related information that you want to share with your other members.

You can create folders and sub-folders to keep everything organised.

To add a folder, click on the "Add Folder" button. Click the "Private Folder" check box to make it private. Only people who have "View Private Folders" will have access to it.

To add a sub folder, click on the + icon to the right of a folder. To edit a folder, click on the pencil icon.

To upload a file, click on the "Add Document" button and complete the form.

You can upload the following file formats:

  • .gif

  • .jpg

  • .jpeg

  • .png

  • .doc

  • .docx

  • .zip

  • .pdf

  • .txt

  • .xls

  • .xlsx

  • .ppt

  • .mdb

  • .accdb

  • .pptx

  • .ppsx

  • .csv

  • .msg

  • .rtf

  • .oft

  • .eml

  • .ai

Click on the folders to open them, and click on the file names to view them.