View Members

Members are basically anybody involved with your club. You can add as many members as you need.

There are 2 ways to get your members into the system:

  1. Bulk import - click on the members link in the navigation menu, then click on "Import Members". 

  2. Manually add - click on the members link in the navigation menu, then click on "Add Member".

When you are viewing a member's profile page there are a number of tabs at the top. The tabs displayed depend on what features you have enabled. The full list of tabs are:

  • Basic details - this is the tab that is automatically displayed when you view a member.

  • Extended details - this shows all the other default fields not shown on the basic details tab.

  • Custom fields - if you have added any custom fields (Setup > Custom Fields) they will be listed here. Click on the field details to edit it.

  • Attendance - this lists all the attendance for this member.

  • Awards - this lists all the awards that this member has been given.

  • Groups - this lists all the groups the member is in.

  • Fees - this lists all the club fees assigned to this member.

  • Sessions - this lists all the sessions this member attends.

  • Documents - this lists all the documents uploaded to this member.


There are 2 ways to add user's photos

  1. The system uses the Gravatar service. If a member has an avatar registered to their email address in the Gravatar system, Manage My Club will display that avatar.

  2. You can upload a photo via the member's account page. If you upload a photo and the user also uses Gravatar, the uploaded photo will display.