Direct Debit Payments

To collect invoice payments from your members via Direct Debit, you must first enable the "Direct Debit Payments" option in the "Features" section on the "Setup > Club details" page.

Once you have done that, go to "Setup > Finance > Direct Debit Payments".

Click on the "Connect with GoCardless" and follow the instructions on the GoCardless site.

If you already have a GoCardless account, click on the "Already have an account?" tab.

Complete the form and you will be taken back to MMC.

Depending on if you already have a GoCardless account or not will determine how long it may take for them to set up your account.

Brand new accounts can take a couple of days whilst they perform their security checks.

If you are required to provide more information to GoCardless, it will inform you of this on the MMC page "Setup > Finance > Direct Debit Payments".

Once your account is live, you will be able to direct your members to set up their Direct Debit mandates.

Match Existing GoCardless Mandates

If you already have mandates set up inside GoCardless for your members, you can easily match them to your MMC members. Click on the "List GoCardless Mandates" button.

Click on the "Select members" field and select one or more members to match to each mandate, then click on the save icon on the right.

Member Mandates

Each member has a "Direct Debit Setup" tab on their account page. Clicking on this will give them instructions on how to setup a mandate. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Invoicing Members

When you next invoice your members, you will see a new field "Collect payment via GoCardless". What this will do is mark each corresponding invoice to be collected via direct debit (if the member has a mandate setup).

You can switch off collection via GoCardless for individual invoices as well. View an invoice and set the "Collect via GoCardless" option to "No".

Once your invoices have been created against some members that have direct debit mandates setup, here is what happens behind the scenes:

On the invoice due date, the system will contact GoCardless and request a payment from the member's bank account. This will be logged against the invoice in the "GoCardless Events" section at the bottom.

After a couple of days, GoCardless will receive a message from the member's bank stating that the payment request was submitted successfully.

After another couple of days, the payment will be taken from the member's bank account and the associated invoice will automatically be updated and a corresponding income record will be created, and the invoice marked as paid.

You will be able to see all of the GoCardless invoice events logged against the invoice at the bottom.

Deleting Invoices

You can only delete an invoice that has an associated GoCardless payment in the first day or so. As soon as the payment is requested from the member's bank, the invoice will be locked and you won't be able to delete it.

Failed Payments

If for whatever reason a GoCardless payment fails, this will also be logged against the invoice and a flag will be visible when viewing the all invoices page.

When you view the invoice, the details will be listed at the top in red.